Delivering Value Or Guru Bullshit?

If you look around this site, then you will notice that this post is only the seventh one that I have posted. It’s not because I do not have anything to say or share, but that I simply am focusing on other things. I have had a few people send me messages asking why I … Read more

I Make Over $50 Per Hour Freelance Writing

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Freelance writing takes a little more work than your average method of making money online. You need to have some decent writing skills and you need to be capable of following client directions. Freelance writing gigs normally pay on a per word or per project basis, but I like to keep track of how long … Read more

The Worst Job I Ever Had Before Working From Home

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Before I started making money online, I had a lot of crappy jobs…but one was a lot worse than the others. It wasn’t the time that I was a CSR for a terrible company. Or the time I worked in a gym where I was stationed at the towel stand outside the sauna (oh, the … Read more

Source Infinitum Review

A while back I got tipped off by a friend that Becker over at Source Wave was running a limited time promo on his Source Infinitum membership site. That promo was free for 30 days and then $47 per month after that. And hey, what kind of moron passes up a free SEO membership from … Read more

The Problem With PayPal and Digital Products Sales

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I have a couple or three sites that sell some digital products that I created. I have had these sites for several years now and they earn me a nice amount of income with pretty much zero work. The only real frustration with these sites is dealing with PayPal. That is who I use for … Read more

InfoBarrel Hates Link Building

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While I do use web 2.0s as part of my making money online master plan, InfoBarrel is not one that I really do anything with. A couple of years ago I put a few articles up on it just to see what they would do. And, I might have used some of them for backlinking … Read more