Can You Really Live The Laptop Lifestyle?

If you waste as much time as I do on forums online, then you see a lot of people talking about living the laptop lifestyle…and a lot of haters claiming that it’s bullshit and can’t be done. As I keep seeing these recurring threads, I have noticed a trend – >> Most of the “I’m living … Read more

Making Extra Money With Side Hustles Now

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Though I make all of my money right now from various online ventures, back when I was toiling away at a mind-numbing cubicle job I spent a lot of time day dreaming about a better life. I knew that I did not want to spend the rest of my life sitting in a cubicle for … Read more

New Book On How To Build Your First Private Blog Network

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If you are ready to take your niche sites to the next level and start making some real income from them, then you need to start creating your own private blog network NOW! This is what I use to get my sites ranking and I am making a good income by doing this. You can … Read more

The Problem With Success


No matter what you are doing, whether it is starting your own business or perfecting your chess game, one thing is certain – when you start to see success from your efforts, it will bring out the jealous haters. For reasons unknown to me, these people will take steps to dismantle what you’ve built from … Read more

Delivering Value Or Guru Bullshit?

If you look around this site, then you will notice that this post is only the seventh one that I have posted. It’s not because I do not have anything to say or share, but that I simply am focusing on other things. I have had a few people send me messages asking why I … Read more

The Worst Job I Ever Had Before Working From Home

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Before I started making money online, I had a lot of crappy jobs…but one was a lot worse than the others. It wasn’t the time that I was a CSR for a terrible company. Or the time I worked in a gym where I was stationed at the towel stand outside the sauna (oh, the … Read more