Delivering Value Or Guru Bullshit?

If you look around this site, then you will notice that this post is only the seventh one that I have posted. It’s not because I do not have anything to say or share, but that I simply am focusing on other things.

I have had a few people send me messages asking why I do not write more blog posts or get more books up on Amazon for the Cubicle Freedom Series. And if you have sent me a message through the site, you may have also wondered why it took me a few days to respond.

I’m Not A Guru

I have been in internet marketing long enough to know that it is full of gurus who are constantly hitting you up with their latest bullshit. I’m not a guru. I’m just your average chump who didn’t want to work for the man and found other ways to make money on my own.

When I share something with you, it is only because I think that it has value. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things with value that I can share but do not have the time. Actually, it’s not that I do not have the time, it is just that I am using that time to actually work and test out the things that I do share.

You will never see me:

  • offer a WSO on the Warrior Forum
  • partner with someone on JVZoo to sell you something
  • try to sell you an outrageously overpriced PDF on my site or Clickbank
  • tell or try to convince you how much value I am offering you
  • create a paid message board for you to use

Bullshit-Free Content

With me, I only offer you one thing – content/advice that is free of the usual bullshit.

Do I charge you for some of this? Yes. Why? Because it takes a damn long time to create shit right the first time. However, my Cubicle Freedom Series guides are all priced at $0.99 right now and will likely stay at that price. I won’t get lots of internet monies that way, but it sure feels good to get the emails from people who have already been able to leave their cubicles.

Does this mean that I am delivering value? That is for you to decide.

Hate my content? Go ahead, tell me about it. Love it? Sure, tell me that to. Hell, tell me whatever you want. I just might be able to help you out if it concerns making money from home, internet marketing and related subjects.