I Make Over $50 Per Hour Freelance Writing

Freelance writing takes a little more work than your average method of making money online. You need to have some decent writing skills and you need to be capable of following client directions.

Freelance writing gigs normally pay on a per word or per project basis, but I like to keep track of how long it actually takes me to doing the writing so that I can calculate my hourly wage.

Why would I do this?

To ensure that I am maximizing my efforts earning more than I could at a cubicle job.

My last cubicle job from years ago was as a Senior Financial Analyst and I made around $30 per hour. So, when I am looking to bank some cash from my efforts, I always shoot for at least $20 per hour because I figure the freedom of not being tethered to a cubicle is worth sacrificing a few extra dollars an hour.

My Recent Freelance Writing Hourly Rate

A few days ago I saw some articles available on Writer Access that looked fairly easy and paid a decent amount. Since I restored my level 5 rating there just last week, I am actively taking jobs with the site to keep the level up.

So, I took three level 5 blog post jobs and wrote them up for some easy cash.

freelance writing pay

The column that says “550” for each one is the max required words and the next column shows the actual number of words that I wrote for each article.

As you can see, I went over on the last two, but that happens from time to time. Sometimes a client gives you a bonus for it, but mostly you just lose out on getting paid for those extra words.

I wrote those three articles in around 90 minutes. So, at a total of $84.49, that is around $56 per hour. Granted, I have been writing for several years, so I likely work faster than most people. But once you get in the swing of it, you can churn out quality articles in a hurry as well.

If you’re interested in learning how you can start banking easy monies from freelance writing online, read more about my new freelance writing guide on the Cubicle Freedom Series website. You don’t even need freelance writing experience to start earning some cash from your efforts.