5 Reasons You Should Be Creating Niche Sites

upclose reviewIf you’re looking for some ways to make money online, then I do hope that you haven’t overlooked niche websites. Affiliate marketing, niche websites – regardless of what you want to call it, you can make some serious cash from these things. In fact, I’ve been making a tidy sum from my own portfolio of niche sites for several years. I have some old sites that continue to earn and I regularly make new sites in my quest for domination of the interwebs.

So, if you haven’t started doing affiliate marketing and making your own niche sites, I just have one question for you – why the hell not?!?

Let me give you just the first 5 reasons that I can think of that you should be building niche sites like a mad man.

1. You Can Outsource Everything

There is no denying that niche sites can take a shit ton of work, especially in the beginning when you are first creating and growing the site. But here’s the thing – you can be a complete lazy ass about it and outsource pretty much everything. This is definitely not the way that I do it, but I totally understand the appeal. And if passive income is your goal, well,it can’t get any more passive than 100% outsourcing.

2. You Can Make Your Site About Anything

Have a love of knee socks? What about power tools? Maybe home decor? Kids toys? Well, you can make a niche site on any of these things and, if you do it right, earn some sweet, sweet income from it. The truth is that you can have a successful niche site on just about anything. Sure, I focus on things that Amazon sells so that I can use their affiliate program, but you can use ANY affiliate program. So, start that home STD testing site you’ve always dreamed of and start banking that cash.

3. Anyone Can Make A Niche Site

Doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old, 85 years old, in prison or living in your mom’s basement – anyone can make a niche site. And remember, if you don’t have the technical know-how, you can outsource it! There is seriously nothing stopping every single one of you from creating a big ass portfolio of niche sites that could end up replacing your day job income.

4. Niche Sites Can Pay For Your Summer Vacation

I know that not everyone wants to be like me and be a digital nomad. But guess what, you can totally earn enough from niche sites to pay for that posh summer vacation with the family. Or, impress that hottie you’re dating with a sweet little getaway that you’ve paid for with niche site earnings. (P.S. In the past 12 months, I have visited London, Paris, Rome, Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney, New York City, Dublin, Berlin, and Las Vegas with the earnings of my niche sites.)

5. You Can Start A Niche Site For Less Than $100

All you have to pay for is a web hosting package and maybe a domain (if you don’t get a free one with the hosting package). That’s it. Seriously. You could get started right this very second and spend less than $100 and not have to spend another dime until a year from now when you need to renew that hosting package and domain.

Honestly, if you want to make money online then you can’t afford not to be making niche sites. Cause dude, you’re seriously missing out on a lot of easy money without them.

If you want me to share more on how I make buckets of cash with niche sites, just let me know.

(and no, this post isn’t some stupid April Fool’s joke.)