How Effective Are PBN Links For Niche Sites?

I spend a lot of time making niche sites, and it makes me a pretty decent income. For a years, making niche sites was a constant game of staying ahead of Google because you never knew when they were going to come along and just massacre all of your money making sites – or at least your biggest money makers.

I’d like to be able to say that never happened to me, but it did. More than once actually.

But, for a while now I have been able to relax a bit when it comes to the life of my niche sites because they are ranking and actually staying on the first page of Google. Like, for good – as in many months to over a year. And I’ve been ranking and banking every since I discovered that links from private blog networks offer this type of staying power in the SERPs.

In November, I started a new niche site in a somewhat competitive niche. Many of the products cost a few hundred dollars, which means that making a sale results in a nice affiliate commission. For this site, I wanted to test doing no other link building other than some PBN links.

While I started the site in November, most of the content was put up late in December. Here is a look at some of my rankings of this site as of today:

pbn ranking success

And that is not even all the search terms that I have on the first page! Just the ones that made it into the screen capture. So, in just that image alone you can count almost 20 keywords where the site is ranking on page one in Google.

The last time I had sites ranking this fast and this well was back when Build My Rank was live, and that was really just a public blog network. I spent most of last year ranking sites using my own private blog network, as well as some that I paid to buy into just to test out.

If you are looking for the fastest way to rank your niche sites, then links from a PBN is where it is at. Hell, if you started on this today, you could have your vacation paid for by June. So, what are you waiting for?

Need help setting up your private blog network? Check out my Beginners Guide To Building A Private Blog Network to get started. I give you the exact steps that I use when creating my own PBNs.

3 thoughts on “How Effective Are PBN Links For Niche Sites?”

  1. Hello,

    May I ask what is the monthly search of that keyword and the date it was ranked #1 starting from the day when you linked your PBN to that? I am starting my first PBN project and just waiting for the domains to be set and used. I’m very excited of how this would lead me soon.

    Thank you,

    • My biggest ranking keyword in terms of monthly searches was for 2900 monthly searches. I tend to target mostly the low hanging fruit. I actually ended up selling this site in June for $20,000 after several months of making a few grand from it. For me, it only took a week or two for the rankings boost. But, it will really depend on the strength of your PBN sites and if they are niche relevant.

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