InfoBarrel Hates Link Building

While I do use web 2.0s as part of my making money online master plan, InfoBarrel is not one that I really do anything with. A couple of years ago I put a few articles up on it just to see what they would do. And, I might have used some of them for backlinking purposes.

Well, with the shitshorm that is going down at Squidoo now, loads of people are looking to move to another web 2.0. It wasn’t that long ago that I got an email from InfoBarrel about how they were giving articles some type of quality score and if your score wasn’t high enough then they were no longer going to index your articles. It was something like that. My InfoBarrel articles have never done shit in terms of cashflow, so I was just like ‘whatever.’

Since I have loads of niche sites, and a few authority sites, I am always looking for great places for backlinking. Lately, that has included web 2.0s and I was actually intending to throw up some articles on InfoBarrel for that purpose.

If you were thinking of doing the same thing, that ship has sailed, my friend. InfoBarrel announced that they are basically anti-backlinking now. So, time to scratch that one off the link pyramid list.

So, while you can still write an article there for a single backlink to your money sites, you can no longer hammer that article with backlinks of its own.